5- Ways to Lose Weight in 2014

by Admin on December 15, 2013

Hi, Chris here again.

We have been through a year of up’s and down’s, tragedies and laughter, and for some, disappointments and despair but we are still here. Many of us made lofty new year weight loss resolutions and goals to fit into this dress or that suit but after a few weeks of dieting zest, we are back on the couch of shattered dreams and unrealized potential. However, all is not lost. The fact that you are still her means that there is hope, you  have me and countless others as your weight loss partner for 2014. Let us begin the new year by approaching weight loss as a lifestyle habit and gradually you will create a leaner and more healthy you.


Here are my five things to do for losing weight in 2014.


  1. 1.    Introduce Probiotics in your Diet

Probioics contain microscopic live organisms that keep your digestive system and your immune system healthy, and lacking them can lead to digestive problems. Losing weight is a natural offshoot of taking probiotics. A recent study showed that after taking probiotics for a month, two women lost 30 pounds, without making any alterations to their dietary intake.

  1. 2.    Include flaxseed into your dietary regimen

Research by a leading University (Harvard) revealed that ingesting 3-4 tablespoons of flaxseed daily resulted in 37% more weight loss in people, than those that did not. There is also the added benefit of flaxseed satisfying hunger, blasting belly fat, and reducing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Flaxseed for weight loss in 2014 is best added by grounding and adding to smoothies, oatmeal or muffin/dumpling mix.

  1. 3.    Choose a Smaller Plate

The onset of fast foods have introduced large and supersized offerings of our tastebud’s favorite delights, but research has uncovered that reducing portion sizes by decreasing plate sizes can cause one to lose 18 pounds per year, according to the small plate movement. The Journal of Consumer Research, has uncovered that the average size of dinner plates has increased by almost 23 per cent since 1900. Consequently, a larger plate, could end up serving 9-21% more that and smaller plate typically would. Consuming just 50 more calories a day could result in a five-pound weight gain over the course of a year. A 2014 weight loss plan should definitely include, reducing plate sizes at mealtime.

  1. 4.    Eliminate Processed Foods

All refined foods are highly processed, nutrition deficient, and have high caloric densities. These foods are usually carbohydrates, which get converted into body-fat soon after ingestion. Whereas most weight watchers have been told to reduce their fatty foods intake, the real fat storing food culprit is usually highly refined carbohydrates, in the form of refined fructose. These typically in some form of corn syrup, and is now found in virtually every processed food and fast food meal you can think of, and fructose actually “programs” your body to consume more calories and store fat. Grains are another culprit, as they are quickly converted into sugar and then fat in your body. These types of carbs (fructose and grains) affect the hormones insulin and leptin and lead to diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

  1. 5.    Eliminate all “Diet” Drinks

Diet drinks have long been heralded as the dieter’s friend, but a no-calorie fizzy drinks may actually be dangerous to your health. Some experts believe diet soda’s mix of carbonated water, colorings and sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame K could also speed up the ageing process. Animal studies have shown that these ingredients are Excitotoxins and consuming diet foods, preprogram people to anticipate sugary, high-calorie fulfillment afterwards. A zero-calorie treat, can condition one to develop a preference for sweet things, which can lead to weight gain and chronic nervous system disorders.

Let us make 2014 the year that we will transfer our weight loss goals into a Weight Loss Lifestyle.

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